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The N.H. Bragg Logo

A wagon wheel?

For 56 years — from 1948 until 2004 — N.H. Bragg & Sons used a wagon wheel as its logo along with the slogan “Keeping the Wheels Turning Since 1854.” Here’s why…

Bragg WheelAccording to legend, the logo depicts wagon wheels ordered by N.H. Bragg & Sons in the late 1800’s for a circus owner who’d left town — along with his show — by the time the wheels were delivered. Although there are those who say no N.H. Bragg employee would have risked ordering anything for a traveling circus on its way in and out of town, the fact is the famous wooden wheels still exist. One is on display at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor and the other hangs on the wall in our Bangor warehouse.

For at least 50 years, the wheels were mounted at either end of the former Bragg buildings on Broad Street, serving as symbolic trade signs and reflecting an important aspect of our business in the early days: the sale of wagon wheels and their components — spokes, rims, hubs and tire iron.

And, although we’re not sure just why we have them, we do know where the wheels came from — the Archibald Wheel Company of Lawrence, MA — which cast its name and address into the iron hub of each wheel.

In fact, according to Knowles’ Bangor Business Almanac of 1875, along with N.H. Bragg & Sons, the Archibald Wheel Company was at the forefront of its industry…

N. H. Bragg & Sons… “have also been the special agency for the sale of the improved cast-iron hubbed wheels, manufactured by the Archibald Wheel Co., of Lawrence, Mass., which are taking the place of the wooden hub for heavy carriages.”

Although the wheel logo served us well for many years, in 2004, we shortened our name to N.H. Bragg, refreshed the logo and changed our slogan to Industrial Supplies and Solutions since 1854, which better describes our services today.

But, we’re still wondering who ordered those wheels!

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