Vendor Managed Inventory

Let N.H. Bragg streamline your entire procurement process, make your job easier and help your company stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

With Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI), you won’t have to spend so much time searching for suppliers or filling out purchase orders. You won’t have to deal with surplus inventory — or with downtime on the production line because of missing parts or maintenance items. That’s because we’ll stay on top of it all for you.

Our team specializes in stock management, information systems, logistics and on-site storage services, so we can analyze your needs and then manage your sourcing, buying, receiving, stocking and payments.

Call N.H. Bragg today, and let us help you reduce inventory and administrative costs, improve customer service and even increase sales with our VMI program!

N.H. Bragg
Helping you stay competitive with VMI.

We will...

  • Organize your stockroom and identify current-use as well as duplicate and obsolete items, so you can lower your inventory investment and free up warehouse space.
  • Automate your stockroom and provide bin labels with product ID numbers and barcodes identifying each of your low-value/fast-moving products, so you can improve efficiency, accuracy and speed of delivery.
  • Develop a storage-location system, so that every item is easy to find and put away.
  • Recommend stock minimums, maximums and reorder quantities for each item included in the VMI process, and then scan bins weekly and reorder items at minimum levels or below, so you’re certain your stock is up-to-date.
  • Deliver orders on an agreed-upon schedule and restock your shelves and bins, so you’ll always have the right item in stock when your customer needs it.
  • Handle special orders. We stock more than 30,000 items and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it from one of our 500+ suppliers, so you won’t have to search — or deal with downtime on the production line.